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- Reagan advocated strategic moncler jacket defense plans
- third round of mobilization of fundraising
- The incident and the impacts of media widely
- Force the differences in products is a difficult to easily cross the threshold
- even if cost is not high, Even high fuel consumption

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 Reagan advocated strategic moncler jacket defense plans Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Yes, the situation really is not big boom, worrying. But like Wesley university professor Peter Rutland pointed out: "chronic disease after all is not necessarily fatal disease." Even though the revolution of the outstanding student economic programs Anders Aslund also mentioned, 1985 to 1987 years of the situation "no signs of special".

From the view of the regime, the political situation even more stable. After 20 years of political enemy's relentless repression, almost all of the important dissidents have been arrested, was exiled (and Andrei Sakharov in 1980 years later met with similar) and forced migration, or in prison camps and dies.

Seems to be no revolution crisis was to happen, even in traditional signs on a country's factors subversive-foreign aggression also fully does not exist. And in contrast, like the American historians and Stephen Sestanovich wrote, diplomats first ten years the Soviet union successfully "realize the military diplomacy main purposes". Of course, the Soviet union and the Afghanistan war seems to last going, but for a 5 million-strong military for countries that have, the loss of the war can completely neglected. In fact, although in 1987 years later, to maintain a large empire to the Soviet union brought heavy economic burden, but the cost of the war in Afghanistan is still not killed camels the last straw. 1985 years of war spending about $4 billion to $5 billion, the Soviet union in the overall GDP is a blip.

The United States also is not to blame for the collapse of the Soviet union. Designed to resist or possible turn in the Soviet union in the third world countries advantage position "the Reagan doctrine", indeed in the Soviet empire caused great pressure surrounding, such as Afghanistan, Angola, Nicaragua and Ethiopia, but in the Soviet union the trouble is far from deadly.

Reagan advocated strategic defense plans for future expensive military competition, it is the predecessor of the key, but it far less than the military from the purpose of conquer the other, because the kremlin fully understand, the effective deployment of space defense program at least need for decades. Also, although polish workers launched in 1980 uprising against communism peace to the Soviet leader found in eastern Europe, the hands of distress to eastern Europe is not very solid foundation empire, but in 1985, solidarity (translators note: Poland by an independent sports development into requirements of chamber of commerce political reform in the mass movement, urged people in eastern Europe against the communist regime) seems to have no motivation. The Soviet union seems to every 12 years in eastern Europe will be a bloody "comfort"--1956 years of Hungary in 1968, the Czech republic, Poland in 1980-and buy the international public opinion unattended.

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In other words, all this represents a global power and influence are in the top Soviet union, regardless of its itself or the whole world think so. Historians Adam Ulam later wrote: "we seem to forget, in 1985, not a government like the Soviet union as the ruling status of the firm, its policy and the country needs to go with perfect."

Of course, the Soviet collapse behind many of the reasons of the structure, economic, political, social and so on, but the reasons are not fully explain why this will happen; Why in this to take place. In the 1985 to 1989 period, no major domestic economic, political, population and other social structure, so the country worse phenomenon and its economic system why suddenly be so many moncler jacketpeople as shameful, illegal and not be tolerated?

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 third round of mobilization of fundraising Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Shihua will develop contacts not is not high.

July 30,, the China would still be in Beijing to hold "meet bayi" minister general table tennis fellowship activities.

Earlier that month, by the China will host the capital of the old total bowling biguiyuan friendship tournament at the DuoWei won the honor of the relevant person in charge of media.

TianJiu intellectual businessman what way "heroes"

The web for the China association, said the introduction of its authorized service agencies in mainland China for TianJiu intellectual businessman group.

The above statement is proved, but TianJiu intellectual businessman and the world China will more than LuJunQing intersection.

In the Beijing bureau of industry and commerce, the name of the web site contained in the company TianJiu intellectual businessman a total of seven families, with the opening of the earliest and the only name with the "group" name company called "TianJiu intellectual businessman investment group Co., LTD.", the registered capital is 50 million.

The TianJiu intellectual businessman investment group limited company, the shareholders, and the name of the leadership will China name are basically the same.

Industry and commerce, the data showed the company shareholders for LiHaiNing, HanWei, LiZhongHe, t.m.kusky, LuLvGui and prince, and the world will be standing vice chairman of China and the vice President will, also appeared LiZhongHe, HanWei, t.m.kusky. Prince and

This mysterious TianJiu intellectual businessman, what enterprise?

"TianJiu intellectual businessman investment group Co., LTD." the industry and commerce registration data shows, the time is late, August 13, 2010 by the above-mentioned six funded. The beginning of establishment of TianJiu called also consulting Co., LTD, its business for economic and trade consulting, etc DuoGe consulting projects, and exhibition, the public relations, the computer services, business multifarious. And after the name, its business scope, mainly for change and investment and asset management.

And in 51 job advertisement, the business of the company appears more catch in it: "group of entrepreneurs' first, open the incubator ', 'let staff when the boss' precedent, make 500 DuoWei marketing elite on the" get rich quick, quick growing, quickly become entrepreneurs' the incubation of the road. By the end of 2010, the group were hatched the chairman 3 people, general manager nine people, director, manager 161 47. Group found 'there is a strong, instituting hatch, sage lifelong' advanced mechanism, let 60 DuoWei talents become shareholders and lifelong employee, realized the "common prosperity, and common development" dream."

Netizens exclamation: can't, QingJiHui choice of partners, is a specialized training the boss enterprise?

LuJunQing DE "brilliant"

And GuoMeiMei LuXingYu also is same, red in the Po, her cause "onlookers" reason is also because of his "green".

The sina micro bo authentication information shows, she is the world Chinese businessman future leaders club secretary general, the central Africa hope project executive chairman and general secretary.

As the world China will internal member organizations, this club is global top 500 Chinese businessman or outstanding Chinese business leader successor as the main body of the children global youth fellowship of Chinese businessman organization.

Yesterday morning, her blog is in micro why they change the name, delete the bo, head for the response.

"I truly in doing good help more people." She wrote, "maybe now of I, mature enough, still lack of experience, but I have been trying to struggle, earnestly study and summarized."

And in her tiny bo update that himself and strain into the "central African hope project" a third round of mobilization of fundraising.

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This woman is not simple.

August 3,, a title for the good and the beautiful most people love--visit global youth leader, the central Africa hope project executive chairman LuXingYu "article appeared in the People's Daily overseas edition" 第05 tables, match with her and DuoGe African countries photo of the President.

LuXingYu graduated from California state university, and her father LuJunQing also no less, graduated from mianyang after he and learn the teachers' Preston university.

B: yes, not a Princeton but Preston, public data shows, the latter course since 2002 is introduced into China has been more than 1500 graduate and receive its master, doctor's degree.

At present the information to the public search shows, LuJunQing was born in 1962 in sichuan guangyuan city, who had been in guangyuan WangCangXian government and guangyuan municipal party committee office work, resigned in 1995 to chengdu, thus create belong to his business career "miracle".

Shihua will show, the global information mens moncler jackets
website of the mainstream media have had to LuJunQing interview or report, he created "entrepreneurs incubator", or "beautiful China economic theory" of the founder.

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 The incident and the impacts of media widely Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Recently, media reports said the administration of taxation will adjust year-end bonus tax collection method, will be proposed to year-end bonus share to 12 months of tax collection. Yesterday, tax administration said never sent revised personal income tax, the announcement of documents and interpretation of draft forged.

Although the network is the full text of the announcement, but did not see clear source, the state administration of taxation on the website have not. Tax adjustment policy in society has a great influence, have is have, have no is not. The state administration of taxation says the announcement, and for a fake said will be in the exercise of the fake documents shall be investigated for legal responsibility of power. In time, but it is clear what is going on, need to get out.

Administration of taxation will adjust moncler Boots the year-end bonus tax collection method of information, the first appeared in the August 13, "guangzhou daily". Then xinhua net with "xinhuanet Beijing August 14 dec" released "the state administration of taxation distributed bonus tax way clear enterprise" penny, it referred to "the taxpayer a bonus, can obtain all kinds of names to apportion 12 months tax"; The same day, the Beijing daily "with" year-end bonus share to the state administration of taxation on assessment of tax-the new answer a tax law 3 big questions "shall be reported, under the signature" xinhua news agency HeYuXin, HouXueJing "; On the same day, CCTV and related reports. Since then, all media began to have reproduced, "according to xinhua".

"Guangzhou daily" and CCTV reported all have no quotes other media, belong to the news reported in there, "the state administration of taxation think", "the state administration of taxation explain" and so on the formulation, but nothing specific names, also do not have the state administration of taxation to appear in a related personnel. The xinhua news agency reports is signed with "the state administration of taxation on 13 responsible to a reporter interviews" question and answer way, be understand, read the relevant person in charge of, first and last, who is also no name.

If the document and interpretation is fake "theory is correct, is undoubtedly important events together. Reading by the media to make, spread the media, the impact is reading is huge.

This event information source in the early reports of the media, as the media, they should be for their report is responsible for, it is necessary to explain the process of reporting, it is necessary to tell the interview, have taken to the people through, whether to have strict review information, careful verification to the public, it shall be accounted for. On the other hand, the announcement and reading have a nose has eyes, forgery involved the great, said to the state administration of taxation is concerned, is also a need to know if there is a survey insiders were interviewed, whether internal work have to take notice of place, in order to have comprehensive and objective events properties, accurate judgment.

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The incident and the impacts of media widely reproduced also has the very big relations. However, the media has its can't change the background, news reports of authenticity, preciseness and professional principles must abide by. But beyond that, it would be necessary to reflect on public dissemination of information system.

Some important decisions, policy information have to listen to the opinions of the social process, but more decision, policy information often is a sudden release, fully, serious debate, discuss, negotiate process is not enough. Significant information release too mysterious, information presentation will some problems, whether media or other public information transmission.

Since always, xinhua news agency was considered to represent authority, is often be "authorized published" media, this is mainly because of the spread of information on special position and special privileges, therefore, modify, publish, transmit, xinhua news agency report won't be it a problem and, in some cases, it means that certainty and norms. Administration of taxation will adjust year-end bonus tax collection method are a lot is because use, "according to xinhua news agency," for its source of information and the information itself the authority to provide the guarantee.

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 Force the differences in products is a difficult to easily cross the threshold Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

According to recent media reports related to enter this year, especially since the second half of this year, although last year a good Moncler Women Coatsbackground to the automobile market, but sales of own brands in the market response is not optimistic, and even there all the way down the tendencies. Especially in the November holiday promotional period, manufacturers are recycling the appropriate price policy, leading some dealers there have been several days of a zero-sum transaction phenomenon. As for own brand sales, in the second half performance after more is not optimistic, in addition to price factors, the in-depth what are the reasons?

Too late, resulting in weak debut of the brand, or an old problem

Since last year, China's automobile market is very hot, but after the inventory down, especially since the profit for this year, once inventory down, own brand although in certain segments of the market share does not account for a small, but the bulk of the total automobile market profits have been cut and thrust with their joint venture to take away, as the saying is people eat meat, their soup. In certain price range, so the situation even more severe, while in China the largest consumer Fun Circuit has entered the era of winning a brand, this situation will be intensified.

The 1.4-liter models, for example, own-brand models sold more than 40,000 yuan, consumers feel the price is outrageous, but the joint venture vehicle to sell more than 7,8 million is, of course, in terms of product strength, both in the present is certainly not on the plan also equal, but the brand power advantages, the displacement in this section, the joint venture than their own brand at least one or two million more than the brand premium difference.

The case comes to 1.6 liters, this power caused by the premium brand, "scissors" is even greater, 1.6-liter vehicle brands sold for 50,000 yuan more than that, the joint venture although the 1.6-liter models After a big fan baptism prices, the prices are still standing more than 10 million also are numerous. Beyond that went 1.8 liters and above models, this premium brand is the widening difference in power, and the minds of consumers in China, this price difference is justified, its own brand to the formation of low-cost advantages of price , when compared with the brand power, more and looks a little pale.

Force the differences in products is a difficult to easily cross the threshold

Speaking of the differences in product strength, caused by the joint venture's own brand and products in terms of price differences, all the more shocking, and a 1.4-liter car brands sold more than 40,000 yuan has been very lucky However, a new carrying the TSI + DSG combination sagitar power, can be sold for 140,000 yuan or more. Because although both 1.4-liter displacement, but on the power of science and technology content and products concerned, there is a huge difference.Moncler give you a variety of options. Moncler jackets and coats with short to keep warm in winter and to ensure that you or the modern style.As we all recognized, the classic winter coat was steady weight and to keep us massiness warmming throughout the cold winters. You have to throw you moncler jackets outlet and put on a colorful thick clothing to keep fat to keep warm. But now, questions can be modified as a result of this lightness Moncler Womens Jackets Short Its superb thermal effect, its layout and its wonderful sporting tight will give you a nice and warm in winter. It is a form of clothing which is certainly Moncler normally worn when going outside for the duration of winter. Moncler clothing has a promising look likely to provide and keep warm cheap moncler jackets all day long. Moncler clothing as one in all probably the most common brands of the identity of the clothing industry offers the best value for your money where you can find some of the most amazing creations with clothing moncler.

In fact, it comes to engines, transmissions, brake systems they used to be own-brand car prices "soft underbelly" of the grasp of technology, now have a very big change, and even its own brand has made considerable progress. However, only ten years old to go their own brands compete with other people's century-old, still not a very easy question to come from behind. The terms in the product of the existence of inherent power, the price has become a substantial premium by others to create a pretext.

In fact, its own brands in the various disadvantages inherent in, can do today's market share has been very good! Our industrial policy, did not support the number of own brand move it real, not over by the government to take the lead, the whole nation had come to support their own brands. Like the children with a mountain to a big city child to learn in the same class, but also requires the mountains to the children but also in the results on the win. Here we only point out the gap between objective reality, but we have no reason, are not eligible to bad-mouth their own brands, and to commend the joint venture is struggling with adhere to each their own brands, from the date of birth, they are unequal participation in the brutal conditions of competition in the market, from this point of view, they do have very good!


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 even if cost is not high, Even high fuel consumption Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Recently, the automobile market, the joint venture's products in the product line goes down, 50,000 yuan area immediately have access to many models. The own-brand product lines will have to move, to more than 100,000 yuan of products in the region to push their high-end models. This psychological normal, a joint venture with the backing of their strong brand, go to task on the sales of low-end market, grasping profit; and own-brand companies, to earn up to high-end market, "origin."

China's market, the sign of the Chinese culture everywhere. Seniority, so many people, many of the things that are gnawing regret. If you do a Beijing University, Tsinghua University student, even if individuals of ability is weak, as long as a brand-name universities to produce "work permit", the employer immediately greeted with a smile. And if you are a third-rate college graduates, your personal ability, employers looked to scratch your feet, every cell of your body vote of no confidence perspective.

Recently the college admission, Shaanxi expertise with students in classical writing, refuse to give provincial Admissions Forms Pick, even breaking the rules to prepare the school admitted how much work is useless, because it is not bad "rules." The ability to run on the high school's accomplishments in the ancient Chinese may have been much higher than some of the "South Guo," and even doctoral graduate Jacky. But he was a high school student who told it?

Since the Chery Eastar test the water in a number of years ago, the high-end market, Geely, BYD, JAC, Brilliance have jumped on the bandwagon, have launched their own cars more than 100,000 yuan. This $ 100,000 price line mark, just as the dividing line between undergraduate and secondary school students. Doing their own brand bitter Oh! In fact, in terms of quality, and now the brand has not lost in their own people, and in the quality of relevant investigations, the complaint rate has its own brand for several years lower than the joint venture's products. From the exterior, from work, many own brand models and the joint venture's products are not sub-Zhong Bo, but who told you to take is own brand of "diploma" mean?

You might say, moncler jacket price is too high, so that you can not stand, but some online stores provide good moncler jacket, the price is lower than the actual market, because it is very short distribution channels Moncler jacket for sale, shopmoncler. And not most people keep in mind now that at the start of popular company was expedition in Canada in new clothing. It might make you happy and easy, self-confident, and every friend should understands that you'll find all your brand new moncler sale jackets in the cold winter when you put up the Moncler jacket. Moncler Womens Jackets Long were born when his father determined to produce more commodities. moncler mens jackets are mostly used in winter which can add to the warmth, and such jacket will increase your influence and reputation to others. If you really need to dress up a quality , comfortable, and you should try sporting Moncler clothing which will provide you a wonderful impression at first.

More than 100,000 yuan in particular models, buyers of the region is not seen very heavy price, and face-saving project is on the first one, bought a joint venture vehicle, even if cost is not high, Even high fuel consumption, even if style is not new, but as a side effect of business cards is no problem. And buy a self-brand models, even models, cost is very high, but on the face works, so many owners still do not have confidence, this is our situation where Oh.

But brands must go up, it is like to work today to eat rice in the country who have to earn a highly educated, and as much as possible to earn a prestigious diploma, to secular things, not why the power of other can be easily changed. So brands take the high road is a historical necessity, of course, is looking forward to being cost-effective thing, but does not change its own brand image can only do low-end market, then even after the low-end market to be affected .

Only high-end brands to the market to earn diplomas road, take up is different. Shanghai Automotive ism, the majestic series went fairly quickly; lucky by marrying Babes, go on to shape the brand is relatively fast; BYD new energy technologies, plus join in Buffett's personal, very Minato effect. And hard to rely on excellent products to enhance the rising power of the brand, theMoncler Online Shoproad will go, but it will be very difficult.

But brands must go up, which is Huashan road, everyone knows the brand power to create take time, but in the Chinese auto market such a special environment, who gave to their own brands to walk when the car to go to build the brand's time?

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